Yoga, Inside & Out

Turn it upside down! With balance....

Ideal for everyone apart from complete beginners.

When faced with any kind of instability, physical or mental, most of us tend to recoil immediately and try to regain control by locking things tightly in place. Ironically, this reaction only serves to make us more rigid and less able to make minute and sensitive adjustments to bring ourselves back into balance. 

The ultimate objective of yoga is freedom and beatitude. As well as performing asanas with precision, yoga stresses the importance of attitude; the key point is how we relate to ourselves inwardly for instance by observing truthfulness, contentment, discipline, moderation and surrender.

In this class we'll focus on some pranayamas techniques to tune-in the body and mind with the breath, we'll then move into the actions needed to integrate the body with various Inversions, drawing on our core strength - which comes from continuity between the navel, spine, pelvic floor and inner legs. 

Be ready to have fun and work hard in a safe and explorative environment. 

The cost is £30 per person for this two hour workshop.  

Pre-booking recommended. 

About the teacher: 

Maurizio trained and qualified in 2008 as a Traditional Hatha Yoga Instructor at the 'Amrita School of Yoga' in London under the expertise and eclectic guidance of Nigel Gilderson and Chris Gladwell. In 2012 he also completed the 500 Hours Teacher Training with Quantum Yoga Lara Baumann, in Goa.

Openly attracted to new forms of movement, Maurizio is instinctively drawn to more dynamic, vigorous, yang type of styles, i.e., Ashtanga, Jivamukti, Anusara, Dharma Mittra. However, in order to find and maintain that inner sense of balance, he does enjoy the challenge of exploring more gentle, introspective, types and other forms of practice.

"Yoga is to stop how the mind turn things around." The Yoga Sutra of Patanjali