Meet the wonderful team of effraspace teachers – in no particular order!



Giulia Pagani

Ashtanga Yoga

Giulia started practicing Ashtanga Yoga twelve years ago, in Italy. Discipline nurtured her ability to master more and more asana. Passion drove her several times to Mysore (India), where this practice was born. Curiosity enhanced her willingness to start exploring other yoga practices (Vinyasa, Hatha and Meditation), and desire to share led her to become a yoga teacher.  

The first love is unforgettable, and Giulia decided to become an Ashtanga Yoga Teacher. Her latest teacher training was with an internationally renewed student of Patthabi Jois: David Swenson. Sequence, breathing and flow are some of the most important skills that students constantly learn and improve during the asana practice. The first series of Ashtanga is like a mantra, where the elements are always the same but the result is always different. Ashtanga is a meditation in movement. 

Giulia says: “Yoga is training for life. In my life I've changed job, city, country, language and style of life. When things get a little hard, I just have to remember to practice harder.”

Testimonial: “Giulia is a very special door into the world of yoga. Her agility and grace combine beautifully with her deep knowledge and inner determination, making every practice a powerful exercise, a mindful meditation and a true moment of calm and joy.”

More info: @giulyoga (instagram)

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Tracy Bickley

Scaravelli Hatha Yoga

Tracy says: "Not long after the birth of my first son, I found a two-year Yoga Teacher Training course inspired by the work of Vanda Scaravelli. There was no going back.  My exploration and study of yoga never ends and I am aware that my journey is life long and to be embraced, as each day brings new lessons. 

Yoga is the process of unfolding and remaining curious to all possibilities which feeds into all that it brings to my life and my family, and also to develop a greater understanding of myself. Yoga has taken me all over the world, opened many doors and welcomed in many great friendships which I hope to continue to share.

I encourage curiosity, self-expression, freedom of movement and invite you to let go of old patterns in the mind & body that can stop you from making a deeper connection with your authentic self. For the past 30 years I have been influenced by many teachings, rituals and traditions. All these have been woven into my yoga practice, life and classes to help my students to heal and grow."

More info: yogawaves

Sarah Newman

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Sarah was an education consultant for more than a decade but in 2012 left for Latin America. Discovering yoga as a sustainable way of life, she qualified to teach in 2013 and began giving one-to-one classes, teaching small groups in offices and at a studio in Crystal Palace.

She completed 500 hours training in India, studying the styles of Iyengar and Ashtanga with focus on alignment and adjustment, practicing under gurus in Mysore and learning Thai yoga massage to enhance her anatomical knowledge.  

She specialises in the styles of Ashtanga, Yin & Acro Yoga and recently added Parent & Baby Yoga to her list of qualifications after attending classes with her own baby. She also teaches wellbeing classes & mindfulness yoga to students and staff in secondary schools. 

Her classes are dynamic yet playful, flowing but structured, and encourage students to feel grounded and energised.

More info: @prasaritayoga (facebook, instagram)

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Dominika Kralova

Baby Massage 

Dominika Kralova worked for several years in childcare with babies and young children, and qualified as an Infant Massage Instructor in 2010. 

Dominika says: "It is a great pleasure to watch the babies and their parents during each six-week course. As well as getting to see each baby grow, you also enjoy seeing a new sense of confidence in the parent unfold as they learn to understand their baby better."

Obie Hoop-2.jpg

Obie Campbell 

HoopTone Fitness

Obie Campbell is a professional hula-hoop performer and teacher.

Obie has dazzled crowds in France, Spain, America and London and has taught kids and adults all over the world different hoop skills and tricks. She performs regularly with 'The Majorettes' - a world-record holding hula-hoop troupe formed by international cabaret superstar Marawa. 

The Majorettes are a professional troupe who perform and teach workshops to entertain and inspire people in corporate, community and private settings. 

More info: www.thewhirl.co.uk, @thewhirlent (facebook), @pearl.the.whirl (instagram), @misspearlthewhirl (twitter)


Kes Kpogpogri 

Self Defence

Kes Kpokpogri is a Martial Arts & Fitness Professional and the founder of Team Kevlar Fitness. With 25 years of professional experience in the martial arts and fitness industry, Kes is well-versed in the best training and fitness techniques from around the globe. 

Kes says: "When people think about self-defence, they tend to think only about women and children, but in reality self-defence is for everyone regardless of age or gender. I use a trademark mix of exercises that will not only help participants learn how to protect themselves, but will also help them to reach their fitness goals."

His self-defence classes are fun, informative and will keep participants focused, motivated and safe. 

More info: www.teamkevlarfitness.co.uk, @teamkevlar (facebook), @teamkevlarfitness (instagram), @kes_mma_fighter (twitter)


Mehala Ford 

Parent & Toddler Yoga

Mehala says: "I am Mehala and I have been teaching yoga for five years. I am a trained Birthlight Baby Yoga Teacher, Pregnancy & Postnatal Mother's Journey Teacher, and a StarChild Yoga Teacher. 

My experience of teaching children has helped me grow and enriched my life. I am excited about teaching children and parents these wonderful skills for life and enabling other teachers so we can all spread our unique light and feel empowered as we move into the future."

More info: www.wisekidsyoga.co.uk

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Joanna Jaworska

Pilates Body Control | Postnatal Pilates

Joanna is qualified Stott Pilates Instructor. She trained in rhythmic gymnastics, where she first experienced the benefits of Pilates, and was amazed at how well it helped her to develop strength and flexibility. 

In her early 20’s she pursued her love of fitness and became a group exercise trainer. Originally from Poland, she now lives in London and has taught fitness and pilates for the last seven years. 

Joanna’s classes perfectly combine to work on strength, flexibility and mobility. Faster movements are sometimes used to incorporate an aspect of cardio, and there is always an emphasis on breath, core conditioning and body awareness. 

Easily practised on a mat, Pilates exercises are suitable for all stages of life. They will keep you toned, revitalised, moving with ease and are suitable for all ages and fitness levels. 

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Ruth Routledge

Pram Chorus

Based in London, UK, Ruth is a dynamic choir conductor, singer and teacher, as comfortable with classical music as she is with pop, jazz and world.  She is a graduate in Music and Philosophy from the University of Birmingham, where she conducted the University Chamber Choir before studying choral conducting and jazz singing in Lyon, France.  

Ruth has given renowned performances as a conductor and vocalist at the Royal Festival Hall, The Barbican, Wigmore Hall, Birmingham Symphony Hall, The Roundhouse, The 606 Jazz Club, Kings Place and l’Opera de Montpellier.  She has also worked with the Southbank’s Voicelab artist in residence Mary King, and continues her collaborations with other singers and musicians in the UK’s burgeoning choral scene.

Ruth works in all aspects of the voice, from one-on-one vocal coaching to leading 400-strong choirs in professional, amateur and educational contexts.  Wherever she is, she enthuses, enables and gets the singers to achieve things they never thought were possible.

More info: www.pramchorus.com, @pramchorus (facebook)



Ingrid Lewis 

Postnatal Mum & Baby Yoga | Mindful Pregnancy Yoga

Ingrid Lewis is a qualified Public Health Consultant, Therapist & Yoga Teacher. Her public health work with BaYaka hunter-gatherer women in the Congo inspires her work in reproductive and women's health.

Combining indigenous knowledge about reproduction and birth, a wide range of therapeutic approaches and yoga with scientific research, Ingrid aims to help women take charge of their bodies and enjoy a sense of dignity throughout pregnancy and childbirth. 

Her yoga journey began in 1989 in Varanasi, India where she took initiation into Kriya Yoga. She trained as a Sivananda Yoga & Birthlight Yoga teacher with Donna Farhi. 

She now offers weekly yoga (pregnancy & postnatal) classes, holds regular birth preparation courses, and offers private therapy sessions for men, women & children.

More info: www.aroundbirth.org 


Laura Vicente 

Children's Funky Hip hop | Zumba Fitness

Laura started dancing at the age of three. Her first style was Flamenco and she participated in different shows and contests around the Valencian Community. 

At the age of fourteen she started dancing in the Elisabeth La Puente Dance Studio, where she completed a four-year qualification in modern dance and ballet. She also participated in different contests with a hip hop group in her home city Valencia. 

Once Laura moved to London, she did her Exercise to Music qualification at UK Premier Global Training. She has been teaching ever since and is also a fitness instructor, working for Gymbox and Better. She also teaches Funky Hip Hop at Ravenstone School in Balham. 

More info: @lankdance (facebook), @lankh (instagram)


Siobhan Power

Children's Yoga & Mindfulness | Yoga for Sports & Cyclists

Siobhan Power is a yoga instructor for children, teens and adults with ten years of experience in childcare and coaching. 

She founded Calmer Kids Yoga and strongly believes that by teaching children yoga and mindfulness, we are giving them the tools to successfully overcome the obstacles we face in everyday life. 

Her passions for yoga started 8 years ago, when she was able to feel the life-changing benefits personally. She pursued her dream to go to India and received training in Ashtanga through Ganga Devi of the Himalayan Yoga Institute. She currently teaches up to 200 children a week in inner-city schools in London. 

More info: www.calmerkidsyoga.com, @siobhanpoweryoga1 (facebook), @calmerkidsyoga (instagram), @Shivs_Yoga (twitter) 

Nefra Canning 

Nia Moving to Heal | Little Dancers

Nefra Canning is a professional dancer, licensed Nia Instructor, Dance Teacher and Movement Coach. From the age of four Nefra has studied many diverse dance forms, from Egyptian Temple Dance to Tango as well as drama and mime. 

She has performed internationally and taught both abroad and in the UK at Pineapple Studios, Jumpers (Ealing YMCA), The Rambert Junior School, Morley College and The Tango Club. 

Nefra has presented demos and taster classes at many mind-body expos and has also bought the joy of movement to hospitals and care-homes within the NHS. 

Nefra says: "From a pirouette to a tango step, from mothering to caring for elders, from contemporary to tai chi, my journey has been a dance. Having learnt from exceptional teachers, my passion is to continue to explore this dance-to-life connection and to bring its fruits to my students to help them find the quality of ease in their movement from everyday activities to dance-floor intricacy." 

More info: www.niawithnefra.com, nefradance (facebook), @nefradance (twitter)



Jackie Colchester 

Parent & Toddler French Singing

Jackie Colchester is an American-born mother of one, who has lived in Detroit, Toulouse and now London. 

After the birth of her son, she wanted a fun way to incorporate French into his routine. Finding nothing in the South London area, she went on to establish Les Petits Tigres, as a way to meet other French speakers and their children, and also those interested in early years language learning. 

Music is one of the most effective and natural means of language learning, and not to mention a tonne of fun! 

Jackie has a Bachelor of Arts in French Studies and PGCE in Modern Foreign Languages. As a creative and enthusiastic practitioner, she is passionate about language learning and feels that you're never too young (or old!) to start! 

More info: www.lespetitstigres.com, @lespetitstigres (facebook, instagram)


Alicia Davies

Gong Bath

Alicia is a professional musician, artist and writer who was drawn to sound healing after experiencing some major life traumas of her own. 

The profound and long-lasting effects of her first Gong Bath left no doubt that this was, indeed, 'something else'. 

Feeling the vibrations of the gong travelling over her body was intriguing enough to cause her to seek out further experiences of it, and ultimately to train as a practitioner of the ancient art of Gong Sound Healing. 

She is firmly of the belief, as Edgar Cayce once said, that "Sound is the future of medicine."

More info: www.earthsongsoundhealing.com, @earthsongsoundhealing (facebook, instagram)