Special Events

From time to time, we offer special workshops, events and courses for the community. You find out more about these from following us on social media or signing up to our weekly newsletter. These events are often a great way to introduce yourself to something new and to meet other interesting and like-minded people.


A Gong Bath is a profoundly relaxing experience. Washed by waves of sound, the body, mind and spirit enter a state of cohesion and serenity. It's a fast track to deep meditation, perfect for quieting the busy mind, and stimulating the body's innate healing abilities.Click here for more info…


Each month we offer new courses in different styles of yoga, dance and fitness. Whether it’s a four week course in Kundalini Yoga or an introduction to Acro Yoga, you’re sure to find something interesting happening at effraspace. Click here for more info…


Our founder, Pinter & Martin occasionally host their book launches at effraspace, and everyone is welcome! Pinter & Martin publish a range of books on pregnancy, birth, parenting, yoga and psychology, and often have great speakers and authors attending their events. Click here to find out about their next event.

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Free Friday Film Nights

Our Free Friday Night Cinema is on most Friday evenings at 7pm. Curated by Martin, one of effraspace's founders, we like to show something a little bit different from the main stream. Please check the timetable for details of the next event.