Sound & Energy Healing Session

Working intuitively and off the body, we’ll be using a combination of energy therapy and sound vibrations from gongs and other instruments to create a soothing and transformative experience. In the beginning there will be a guided meditation to quieten the mind and prepare the body. Alicia and Abigail will then work simultaneously with sound and healing energy. This session is designed to leave you feeling relaxed, energised and in greater harmony with yourself. It is an intensely powerful experience for both participants and practitioners alike. 

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About us

Abigail Caller is a healer and energy therapist, registered with the Healing Trust. She works intuitively and off the body, guided to channel healing energy using a combination of spiritual healing and Reiki with elements of Shiatsu theory. Working alongside Alicia Davies as Sound healing practitioner, this is a new way of working that combines the force of sound and vibration with established healing techniques. The combined focused intention of the two practitioners encourages harmony in the participants’ energy fields.  

Upcoming Dates: 
Saturday 15th December 7pm - 9pm

£25 per person.

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