Self Defence for Young People

This course starts in October and will be especially suited for young people. It offers a chance for them to learn awareness and avoidance strategies, as well as physical self-defence techniques should they encounter a verbal or physical attack. Courses will run for six weeks and are available as drop-in also.


Why should you learn Self Defence?

Often we know what to do in theory if we come face to face with an attacker, however we forget to factor in the fear and adrenaline that also occurs simultaneously. In our class, students will gain the confidence, as well as optimum fitness level, to defend themselves whilst standing, on the ground, or if threatened by weapons. Being able to protect ourselves in all situations is a confidence boost, as much as it is a necessary reassurance. 


Class Information

This class is run by Team Kevlar Fitness, who boasts over 25 yrs of professional experience in the martial arts and fitness industry. Self Defence classes are fun, informative and will keep students focused, motivated and safe. 



Pricing Information

Please get in touch if you would like to know more about our 2-for-1 passes, sibling discounts or group booking discounts.