Restorative Yin Yoga Workshop

Yin yoga is a slow, meditative practice that gently stretches the body and helps quieten the mind. In Eastern traditions, Yin is a complement to Yang; yin yoga can therefore become a complement of a more dynamic practice, cultivating a sense of letting go. The practice consists in a series of poses that are held for a substantial period of time (3-5 mins). By switching the parasympathetic nervous system, this practice helps reverse the effects of stress and cultivate a sense of equanimity.

This workshop invites you to spend 2 hours connecting body, mind and breath in a soft yet deep yoga practice. All poses have modifications, so beginners to yoga are welcome. Props will be used extensively. Since poses are mostly floor-based, please bring warmer clothes and socks!

About the teacher:

Raluca lives and teaches in South London. Although she started practising dynamic yoga, has found her calling in teaching yin and restorative yoga. Her classes combine these slow and meditative styles with elements of mindful movement, helping students of all abilities to still their mind and release physical tension. Alongside these slower classes, Raluca continues to also teach more dynamic flow and Astanga yoga classes.

The cost is £20 per person for this two hour workshop.