It takes a village to raise a baby and here at effraspace it’s no different. We offer a range of fun postnatal activities for you and your baby to enjoy, whether it’s singing in our parent choir, learning useful baby first aid or making friends in our weekly postnatal classes. Our classes and workshops are suitable from the time you give birth, right up until your little one is ready to move on to the toddler stages.


Postnatal Classes

Our postnatal classes run weekly and are available as drop-ins or to block-book. Our postnatal mum and baby yoga class is a wonderful opportunity for you to connect with your baby in a loving and nurturing environment. Our postnatal pilates class is designed much more for the mother, helping you to gently strengthen your pelvic floor and regain muscle and toning. All of our teachers are specially trained in postnatal recovery and will be able to help you with any questions you may have about your postnatal recovery.


Baby Massage & Reflexology

The power of touch is one of the first ways we communicate with our babies and one of the best ways we can do this is through massage and reflexology! Our baby massage and reflexology course runs for six weeks. These courses are fully IAIM certified, and have been known to help with digestion, sleep and colic in babies. Find out more here.

Baby & Child First Aid

Nobody likes to think of children being in an emergency situation, but learning first aid will give you the confidence to be able to help should you ever need to. This one day course, run by the British Red Cross, has been designed with parents in mind, to guide you through exactly what you need to know. This course is for personal use and you are welcome to bring babies (who are not yet crawling) along. Find out more here.


Pram Chorus

Pram Chorus is a fun and friendly daytime choir for mums, dads, grandparents, expectant mothers, nannies and anyone else looking after small people. Everyone is welcome! It's about you doing something creative and fun for yourself, where your little one is also welcome (in all their vocal glory!). Find out more here.

Parent’s Space

Each week we run a couple of free Parent’s Space groups, available to anyone to come along to with their baby/toddler. These groups are volunteer-led by parents in our local community, and can be a great way to make friends, take part in some interesting conversation and get support and advice for you and your family. These are run as drop-in sessions, so you’re welcome to pop by whenever you can, and members often bring in cake to share around. Find out about the different Parent’s Space groups here.