Positive Birth & VBAC Preparation

This course is for ALL women preparing for birth, including woman preparing for vaginal birth after c-section (VBAC). 

The course teaches evidence-based practices to pave the way for a natural, instinctive birth. You’ll learn to identify physical, mental and emotional obstacles to a straightforward labour & birth, and practice skills to overcome them. You learn positive intervention methods to help create space in the pelvis, reduce pain, aid the descent of the baby, optimise the natural progression of labour and more. Your birth partner learns how to help safeguard your birthing environment, safety and dignity. 

Taught by Ingrid Lewis with over 20 years’ experience supporting women preparing for birth. This in-depth course gives you confidence in your body’s ability to give birth and prepares you for a positive experience, no matter what your previous experiences may have been. 

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£160 per person incl. birth partner
£150 early bird (if booked before June 7th)

Includes handouts & home-practices

To book please go to our timetable page and select the course date.