Coming up to summer...

Happy Sunday everyone! A few quick notices for you...

1. Hypnobirthing Course
Our Baby Massage & Baby Reflexology teacher, Jackie, will be teaching a one-day course on Hypnobirthing designed to add-on to any NCT or NHS courses you might already be doing. This course is a great way to dispel any existing unfounded fears you might have picked up over the years from television or movies. If you are interested in joining, this course will be on Saturday 4th August and tickets are available here.

2. August Schedule
As we are nearing the end of term, we'll be implementing our August schedule shortly. This will include a reduced schedule for children's classes and we therefore encourage you to check our timetable and book before you arrive. Our last Children's Funky Hip Hop class was on Wednesday and we had a great performance from everyone. Looking forward to seeing them start up again in September!

3. Baby & Child First Aid
Well done to everyone who came along for our Baby & Child First Aid Course on Friday. We had an interesting session, learning how to administer CPR, what to do if a child is unresponsive or choking, how to handle a baby if they are having febrile seizure + more! If you're interested in joining us for the next course, more info is available here.  

4. Baby Reflexology
Our Baby Reflexology Course (2 weeks) is suitable for parents with babies who aren't yet crawling. In the course you will learn the different pressure points in your baby's feet which when massaged, can help with constipation, colic, and sleeplessness. Parents are able to adjust to their baby's needs and develop a comfortable form of communication between parent and child. Our next course starts on Tuesday 28th August and tickets are £25pp. Book here. 👣 

Well that's it from us this week folks! We hope you have a great week ahead, and get a chance to enjoy the sun! It's meant to be a scorcher this week (so don't forget your sunscreen!) 🌞 

With love, 
effraspace x