Kundalini Yoga Course

Kundalini Yoga is a technology of inner awareness and experience. Through a sequenced class, the mind, body and being is stimulated, exercised, strengthened, relaxed, soothed and uplifted. Kundalini Yoga works on the body's organs, glands, circulatory, endocrine and lymphatic systems. Many practitioners report improved sleep. Through breath work, movement and sound, the body raises its energy to higher centres of consciousness, experiencing something very unique and beautiful. This experience is very personal to each individual and can be physical, psychological, spiritual or even just a bit of fun! Most notice a change very quickly.

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About the teacher:

"My name is Ameet; an aspiring yogi, holistic therapist and light-worker. I embarked upon this journey after discovering Kundalini Yoga very unexpectedly whilst on holiday.I least expected it but it occurred at a time which I feel was when I most needed it; after being diagnosed with a chronic health condition 4 years ago. The yoga technology has helped me immensely in many ways and has changed my entire perspective on life for the better, enabling myself to make choices that serve me better in day to day life. One of these was a complete change of career by taking up those things that always were important to me which I had brushed aside. Kundalini yoga connected me back to who I really am."


Upcoming courses:
Thursday 4th October 6.45pm - 7.45pm ( runs for 6 weeks)

£60 * 6 week course.
£13 * drop-in
£5 * taster class (for new customers only).