Home Birth Morning

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Giving birth at home

What is it like?
How does it feel?
Is it safe? 
How can it benefit my baby, my family, and myself?

Come along to our special ‘Home Birth’ morning where we’ll share inspiring stories from a mix of mothers, midwives and doulas - people with experience of giving birth  or supporting birth at home. There will be a ‘Comfort in Labour’ workshop, led by the author of Why Home Birth MattersNatalie Meddings, as well as a Q&A session followed by tea and a chance to chat with other soon-to-be mothers.

Upcoming Dates:

Friday 28th September 10am - 1pm
Friday 9th November 10am - 1pm

Regular Price:  £25
+ Birth Partner: £30

To book please go to our timetable page and select the course date.