Gong Bath

A Gong Bath is a profoundly relaxing experience.

Washed by waves of sound, the body, mind and spirit enter a state of cohesion and serenity.  It's a fast track to deep meditation, perfect for quieting the busy mind, and stimulating the body's innate healing abilities.  The sounds of the Gong vary dramatically, from the quietest whisper to a primal roar: a wall of sound that resonates with everything it touches- including our physical bodies.  The Gong's frequencies can be cleansing, purifying, detoxing, relaxing or stimulating, depending on the state in which you arrive for your session. 

All that is required of you is to turn up, lie down and chill out.


Upcoming dates:
Oct 25th, 2019
Nov 29th, 2019
Dec 20th, 2019

£18 (£15 concessions)

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Gong Bathing is not advised for those who are pregnant, have a pacemaker, or who suffer from Menieres’ syndrome, have a history of psychotic episodes, or who experience epileptic seizures in the state between sleeping and waking. This is because the effect of the sound vibrations and the guided meditation can act as a trigger. You are responsible for disclosing any of the above conditions before the event begins.