Self Defence Fitness class

Fitness Classes

Here at effraspace we believe fitness can be fun, and we've tried to incorporate that ethos into all of our classes. As well as getting fit, you'll enjoy learning a fantastic new skill - one that can used and enjoyed for years to come. We're all about mind-body health at effraspace and know that physical health is one of the best ways to encourage better mental and emotional health. Take a look at our fun fitness classes to see which one might be perfect for you! 


Evening Classes

Our evening fitness classes include Self Defence and Nia Moving To Heal. Each of these classes is taught by an industry expert. Either they previously did, or currently do, perform in their professional arena. This means that as well as getting to learn a new skill, there are often chances where you can take part in extra activities such as performances, workshops and matches. This can be a great incentive when you're just starting out on your fitness journey, and is also a great way to motivate you as the year goes on! 

Pilates Body Control class

Lunchtime Classes

Our lunchtime Pilates class is a wonderful way to fit in a quick practice during the day. We use mat exercises to help you tone and strengthen your body, and also work on establishing form and technique to avoid injury. If you are attending post-injury/childbirth our teachers are able to give you specific exercises that will aid with recovery and hopefully enable you to get back into exercise quicker. This class is suitable for all. 

Lunchtime Pilates Class