It can be hard to find fun things that are suitable for all members of the family to do together sometimes. At effraspace we’ve selected a range of activities that can be participated in as a whole, so siblings of different ages can take part, toddlers can join in, and it can be a fun experience for the whole family. Find out more below…


Self Defence for Young People

Our Self Defence class teaches you the vital skills to defend yourself in any situation. It is very interactive and hands-on and is suitable for both adults and children to take part in. You will learn how to defend yourself if approached from behind, in a group, whilst sitting, standing or on the floor. We will also go through various ways to mitigate dangerous situations and overcome mental blocks. Toddlers and smaller children are welcome to sit in. Find out more here.


Parent & Toddler Classes

Our Parent & Toddler classes run weekly and include Parent & Toddler Yoga and Parent & Toddler French Fun. These classes are available as drop-ins or as block-bookings. These classes cater especially for toddlers and use a range of songs, props, puppets, and games to ensure your toddler has the most fun! Great for sensory and motor development, and to introduce your toddler to a fun social environment. Find out more here.

Pram Chorus

Our Pram Chorus is a great way to start your day! Come along with your baby, toddler or just by yourself and enjoy singing fun, catchy (non-nursery rhyme) songs. You’ll find out that you end up being super productive for the afterwards – there’s something about singing in a group that really lifts your mood and gets you motivated. Taster and drop-in classes are available. Find out more here.