Dynamic Hatha Flow

Energy, strength, flexibility, love & togetherness.

From November we'll be offering a short four-week course in Dynamic Hatha Yoga – starting on Tuesday 6th November. The class will begin with ten minutes of Pranayama and ends with ten minutes in Shavasana and guided meditation. We will talk through the power of Yoga and the Self, and engage in a challenging practice that will allow you to access your inner love, beauty and emotional wellness.

"We will sweat together, we will laugh, we will chant mantras and we will meditate. We will become stronger, more flexible, more conscious and we will end the session with the biggest smile on our face." Alice.

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About the teacher:

“I’ve always been into sports and physical activities, and I trained for eight years as a gymnast when I was a child. I’ve been living in London for the past six years: here I worked with children, graduated in Media and Communications, and worked for a couple of years between retail, marketing and social media. I was happy with all I was learning, but I also felt there was something missing from my life. I wanted a means of expressing myself, that could give me freedom, love, and that could make me feel alive and part of something I believed in. With time, I started finding interest in yoga, and one day I decided to leave my London life back and go to India in search of my spirituality. India opened my eyes to life, and yoga helped me find my way. I did my 200hrs YTTC in Rishikesh and spent two more months travelling and teaching yoga around this colourful, magic country that I now feel as a second home. Here I specialised in Hatha yoga and slow movements, but also Ashtanga Vinyasa and more dynamic flows. I also developed a special interest in Pranayama and Meditation. Now that I am back in London, I am excited to finally offer my knowledge and experience to you, and I am looking forward to sharing my passion for yoga.” Alice Maisetti.


Upcoming Courses:

Date: Tuesday 6th November
Time: 8pm - 9pm

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Full Course: £40
Drop in: £13
Taster class: £5