Hula hoop dance class

Dance Classes

Toddlers love to dance, and so do we! At effraspace we have a range of different  dance classes suitable for all stages of life! Dance is a wonderful way to keep fit, and as well as keeping our bodies fit, it works wonders for your brain too. You can drop-in anytime to one of our fun dance classes and with the great music and friendly teachers you're bound to find a style you'll love! 


Evening Classes

Our evening dance class is Nia Dance. Nia incorporates aspects of dance, yoga and martial arts to provide a holistic dance class than anyone can follow. You'll find movements from Aikido, Taekwondo and The Feldenkrais Method included amongst others, and this is a wonderful class for those looking for a gentle evening dance class. You are welcome to stand, sit or lie-down to join in, and the wonderful music makes this a fun class for anyone. Suitable for seniors, those who are differently-abled and those looking to get back into exercise post-birth or injury. 

nia moving to heal class

Little Dancers 

Pre-school is a difficult time to find an active class for your child to take part in. Some classes require a higher level of attention, and it can be hard as a parent to see your child miss out on the fun just because they're a bit too small. At our Little Dancers class we love those in-between ages, where children are working out their own space and finding wonder in absolutely everything. We encourage children to take part in creating magical wonderlands using music, imagination and dance, and we embrace the different ways that each child's imagination can unfold. Parents are welcome to watch and you may find yourself wanting to take part in the fun too! 

Children's Funky Hip Hop

Children's Funky Hip Hop 

The main focus of Children's Funky Hip Hop is for children to develop rhythm, creativity, and coordination skills whilst having heaps of fun dancing to brilliant soundtracks! Children will develop social skills such as companionship, teamwork, and expression of the body. They will learn how to use rhythm to express themselves, and have fun learning new steps and concepts related to the world of dance. Suitable for children aged 3-9 yrs.