Hula hoop dance class

Dance Classes

Toddlers love to dance, and so do we! At effraspace we have a range of different adult dance classes suitable for all stages of life! Dance is a wonderful way to keep fit, and as well as keeping our bodies fit, it works wonders for your brain too. You can drop-in anytime to one of our fun dance classes and with the great music and friendly teachers you're bound to find a style you'll love! 


Evening Classes

Our evening dance class is HoopTone Fitness. This class is an excellent way to incorporate fitness into dance - you'll find yourself breaking out in a sweat in no time! Great music, fun easy-to-learn moves and of course, a  friendly teacher is all part of the package. This class is available as a drop-in or in 6-class passes. All equipment is provided, and we usually end the class with a bit of meditative stretching to wind-down. Beginners welcome.

nia moving to heal class

Lunchtime Classes 

Our lunchtime Nia Moving to Heal class is one of the specialist dance classes we offer. Nia incorporates aspects of dance, yoga and martial arts to provide a holistic dance class than anyone can follow. You'll find movements from Aikido, Taekwondo and The Feldenkrais Method included amongst others, and this is a wonderful class for those looking for a gentle lunchtime dance class. You are welcome to stand, sit or lie-down to join in, and the wonderful music makes this a fun class for anyone. Suitable for seniors, those who are differently-abled and those looking to get back into exercise post-birth or injury. 

african martial dance class

Ka-Zimba Courses 

From February, we are excited to offer a series of Ka-Zimba courses available for the whole family to enjoy. Ka-Zimba Ngoma is an African/Caribbean art form that combines martial arts techniques with African dance movements, syncopated rhythms, poetry and acrobatics. By aiming to harmonise the mind, body and soul with the universal energy, this organic style can aid in the expression of 'True Self'. Using an array of drums, steel pans and music, this course promises to be a fun and life-giving experience for all. More information on this course is available on our timetable. Check it out and come join the fun!