Childrens Yoga class

Kids Classes

At effraspace we have a fantastic selection of kids classes, starting from parent & toddler classes, to pre-school classes and after-school classes. These classes are designed to be fun, developmental and inclusive to all. Available as drop-in sessions or in 6-class blocks. 


After-school classes

Our after-school classes include Children's Funky Hip Hop and Children's Yoga & Mindfulness . On at 4pm every Tuesday and Wednesday, these classes turn that after-school energy into something beautiful! Children learn all sorts of new skills such as how to 'catch a beat' in Funky Hip Hop or how to start a 'gratitude circle' in Yoga. Props, music, and our amazing teachers make these classes a wonderful experience for your child, and we love to see each child blossom and grow as the weeks go by.

Toddler French Singing Class

Parent & Toddler Classes

Our Parent & Toddler classes include Parent & Toddler Yoga and Parent & Toddler French Fun. These classes are designed for toddlers who have surpassed the  'Mum & Baby' class stage and are now crawling around looking to explore the world! We engage with your toddler and create a space that is fun, playful and allows for the (relatively) short-attention span of each child. Puppets, props, music and games are all utilised and each class is a fun way to introduce your toddler to other children and to carry on developing that special bond between you and your child.

Self Defence

Our Self Defence class teaches you the vital skills to defend yourself in any situation. It is very interactive and hands-on and is suitable for both adults and children to take part in. You will learn how to defend yourself if approached from behind, in a group, whilst sitting, standing or on the floor. We will also go through various ways to mitigate dangerous situations and overcome mental blocks. Toddlers and smaller children are welcome to sit in. Find out more here.