Come in and browse the entire Pinter & Martin selection at our in-house bookshop! Our founder, Pinter & Martin, has spent the last 20 years publishing an excellent range of pregnancy, birth, parenting, yoga and psychology books. Bestselling titles such as Childbirth Without Fear, Irrationality and The Positive Birth Book are available for special discounted prices at our venue. Come in and browse the fantastic collection! 


Pregnancy, Birth & Breastfeeding Books 

Our pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding collection is available in-house at a special 3 for 2 offer. These include the amazing Why It Matters collection (Why Your Baby's Sleep Matters, Why Perinatal Depression Matters etc) as well as other informative books on midwifery, different ways of birthing, and overall perinatal health. All of the books are evidence-based and a great addition to the lives of any soon-to-be parents.   


Parenting & Children's books

Pinter & Martin also publish books for children and their colourful wonder-filled illustrations make these a great gift for any of the little ones in your life! Their parenting selection is also extensive, ranging from topics such as attachment parenting to baby-led weaning and books for new dads. Check out our selection and don't forget there is a 3-2 offer on all books as the effraspace bookshop. 


Yoga Books

Adding to our wonderful yoga classes at effraspace is our YogaWords collection, available at the effraspace bookshop. YogaWords is a fantastic imprint that Pinter & Martin founded with Yoga Matters and now fully own. Bestsellers such as Awakening the Spine & Notes on Yoga by Vanda Scaravelli are included and available at the venue for a discounted price.