Baby Massage & Reflexology

This six week course is a wonderful way to help you develop the right technique to massage your baby and provide relief using reflexology. 

The first five classes will go through the detailed techniques for baby massage and you will receive handouts, an IAIM certificate and a laminated card with all the strokes so that you can practice easily at home with your baby. 

The last week will be a gentle reflexology introduction, showing you the right techniques to help your baby sleep better, ease indigestion and relieve colic. You will receive a a wallet-sized fold-out card with all of the reflexology techniques and a larger laminated guide that you can use for home-practice. 

Bond with your little one, and meet other new and local mums in this fun course for mums and babies. The power of touch is one of the first ways we communicate with our babies, and getting to see each mother and baby fall deeper in love with each other is one of the special highlights of our week! 

Upcoming dates:
Tuesday 6th November 11.15am - 12.15pm

£70 per person

To book please go to our timetable page and select the course date.