Antenatal Course

2-day workshops

Our 2-day antenatal workshop provides you with all of the tools to help you achieve your very own positive birth experience. No matter what your preference – whether it’s a hospital, birth-centre or home birth – the knowledge and support system you have around you is crucial to the health and wellbeing of you and your baby.

During our course we provide you and your birth partner with evidence-based and non-preachy information on all aspects of birth. We aim to do so in a way that empowers you and provides lasting support for your family throughout birth and the early stages of parenthood. You will meet budding families just like yours.

The classes are taught by Maria Pinter, an experienced antenatal teacher, who has taught hundreds of courses in South London and helped thousands of couples through this exciting time in their lives.

Day 2:

  • Physical recovery

  • Newborn baby’s development and how to support it

  • How to meet the newborn baby’s and new parents’ needs 

  • Developing relationship with new baby

  • Breastfeeding and formula feeding

  • Nappy changing

  • Looking after parents’ mental health 

  • Practical baby care: dressing, swaddling, bathing, massaging, baby wearing and safe sleep

  • Looking after the couple’s relationship

Day 1:

  • How to cope and how to support the mother

  • Introduction to relaxation techniques and stages of labour

  • Position, breathing and massage techniques

  • Pain relieving drugs and pain managing techniques

  • Decision making, communication skills 

  • Caesarean birth

  • Medical interventions

  • How to cope, how to support the mother

£240 for both days (incl. birth partner)

Upcoming dates:
8th & 9th June 2019 – 4 places remaining
21st & 22nd September 2019


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For further information please email Maria Pinter: maria@pinterandmartin.com

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We are so grateful for all your help in preparing for our baby boy’s birth. I was so scared about being induced, but thanks to your classes, everything was much more relaxed than I thought it would be & I felt at ease. In fact, the only intervention I needed was the pessary - after that, things went very smoothly of their own accord.
11 weeks in, aside from the mastitis, we feel as though we are finally mastering our new life & dealing with the sleep deprivation. You were right about that being the toughest part! Thanks again for all your help and support - it really was great.
— Geraldine
Thanks so much for all your wonderful advice, and creating such a warm, caring environment for us all to learn and grow in.  It’s been such a wonderful experience and I am really going to miss our Tuesday night classes.
— Simon
I thought that the sessions were very helpful, well organised and managed, smoothly run, with a good balance between having a set programme and the flexibility to adjust things to our groups’ needs. All of that combined with your personable style made them very enjoyable to attend! It has given me a lot more confidence around having our first baby (although I wish I had taken notes!) - thank you so much for providing that.
— M
You inspired confidence in me and the message that I have taken, and hope I can grow in, is that I can trust my body, my instincts and my baby to help me do what is right for us both and for us a family.  This is empowering and healing in a wider sense. It is wonderful that the experience of carrying a child and impending motherhood has opened this up for me in new, challenging and exciting ways.
— Charlotte