Welcome to effraspace

Located between Brixton and Herne Hill, effraspace is a unique family venue. We offer a range of yoga, fitness and dance classes for adults, as well as pregnancy, postnatal and kids classes. We host workshops and courses, as well as being available for private hire. Click below to find out what we have on offer. You will be sure to find something you and the family will love!

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We now have an app which is the easiest way to book your classes at effraspace, and it even checks you in automatically (if you let it!) when you come for your class. 

The app works on iPhones, iPads and Android devices.

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Self Defence Class

Special January Offer

Ready to hit your fitness goals this year? Let us help! 

At effraspace we pride ourselves on providing FUN fitness classes. If you're checking the clock and dreading every second, chances are you're not going to make that next class. We've designed a special 6-class Fitness Pass so that you can try a mixture of our fitness classes to find out which ones you like best!

These classes include Self Defence, HoopTone Fitness, Yoga for Sports & Cyclists and Pilates - Body Control. Each class is a WORKOUT, so whether it's a dynamic yoga flow or learning how to hula like the pro's, you'll be working your body and moving one step closer to your ideal fitness level.  At only £8 a class, you'll be getting that summer body in no time...

Self Defence Class

January featured class – Self Defence

Our Self Defence class teaches you the skills and techniques to defend yourself in any situation, guiding you safely through the mental and physical steps of self-defence.

You will learn awareness and avoidance strategies, as well as physical self-defence techniques if verbally or physically attacked. You will gain the confidence, as well as fitness level, to defend yourself if attacked whilst standing, on the ground, or if threatened by weapons. Being able to protect yourself in all situations is a confidence booster as much as it is a necessary reassurance.

Suitable for children 11+ yrs and all adults.

Upcoming workshops and courses